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Instructor – Summer camp in person

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  • Job title: Camp counselor
  • Location: Different campuses in the Greater Toronto Area

Job summary:

Join an organization renowned in the camp industry, which is a leader in learning French in Ontario. Under the supervision of the camp director and the campus team leader, the instructor would have the opportunity to organize games, be a role model for campers and guide children on their bilingual journey. We have campuses across the Greater Toronto Area. You are welcome to apply to the campus that suits you. Come share your French fu love with our campers this summer!

Specific responsibilities

1) The Camp Instructor will supervise campers throughout the day, ensure their safety, and support the team leader if necessary. He / she is encouraged to maintain campus security and adhere to Covid guidelines.

2) The Camp Monitor will run fun and enriching activities during the day for children aged 4 to 12. Our special events include imaginary campfires, outings to parks / wading pools and festivals on Fridays! Camp procedures and curriculum will be provided in advance and the instructor is encouraged to review them prior to the session. Organizing fun and entertaining experiences for campers, showing your energy and having fun with them are part of our expectations. The Camp Instructor is expected to use his or her experience to make suggestions to the team leader or camp director, as appropriate, on improving activities or procedures.

3) At all times during camp hours, the “Camp Monitor” speaks French with the campers and other monitors, and encourages campers to do the same, in order to develop their self-confidence and skill in their life. ‘express in French.

4) The “Camp Monitor” must be present during the training weekend in June and must also complete online training on the various aspects of his responsibilities, including health and safety. The team leader will provide daily on-site coaching if needed, as well as weekly goals and results meetings. The team will have access to internal procedures, as well as a detailed curriculum and documents on planning the day.

Requirements for the application

  • Provide Camp Tournesol with a copy of your police file (completed less than 6 months ago)
  • Have valid certification in CPR, first aid and EpiPen administration prior to working with children.
  • Must have fluency in oral French
  • Must have good interpersonal skills
  • Experience with children is a plus
  • A positive disposition is required
  • A high level of energy and dynamism is required

** To apply, you must click on the “Apply” button and submit your application directly on the Government of Quebec’s online recruitment site.