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Clinical veterinarian / Clinical veterinarian
Farms and Animal Facilities Division (FANI)

The Farms and Animal Works division (FANI) is in charge of animal welfare under its responsibility and its mission is to provide a teaching and research service for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Description of the mandate:

As a clinical veterinarian or clinical veterinarian, you will share your tasks between, on the one hand, veterinary care of animals, improvements to be made, help to researchers and their team, and on the other hand you will support the work of the ethics committee (CEUA) to maintain compliance with Canadian standards, according to the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

Main challenges:

  1. Supervise animal health (teaching and research colonies: horses, cows, cats, dogs, mice and occasionally pigs, poultry, rats, etc.).
  1. Develop existing preventive health programs. Develop new curative health programs, establish diagnoses, treatment plans and reassessments of sick animals.
  1. Be responsible for veterinary care. Be available on call during regular employee working hours.
  1. Supervise the clinical tasks and care given to animals by the staff of the Animal Facilities Division (technicians and attendants). On a daily basis, supervise the health follow-up carried out by the research staff on the experimental animals and ensure that the ethical endpoints determined during the approval of the experimental protocol are respected.
  1. Provide direct support to research teams. Advise on improvements to be made, find solutions to their experimental problems or health complications occurring for animals, help them to refine their experimental techniques, etc.
  1. Continue to develop training for users of animal facilities in the Division of animal facilities.
  1. Make recommendations to the director and implement decisions.
  1. Attend CEUA meetings. Read and comment on protocols submitted by researchers and teachers.
  1. Provide consultation services to teaching staff and their collaborators for the preparation of the various requests for approval to be submitted to CEUA and for their answers to questions put to them by the Committee.
  1. Advise and offer professional assistance to CEUA and its president as needed and fulfill certain specific mandates for this ethics committee.
  1. Assist with any other related task regarding animal care and the division’s compliance with CCAC standards.

Required profile:

  • Doctorate degree in veterinary medicine (DMV).
  • Right to practice veterinary medicine in Quebec (be a member of the Quebec Veterinary Medical Association).
  • Minimum of 5 years of combined practice or laboratory animal care experience or other relevant experience.
  • Training in experimental animal medicine is an asset.
  • Knowledge of Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCPA) standards an asset.
  • Great sense of ethics.
  • Excellent knowledge of French and English, both oral and written.
  • Desired qualities: versatility, adaptability, communication, mastery of interpersonal relationships.

Job information:

Posting period: January 18 to 29, 2021 inclusive
Salary range: Level P3- from $ 66,486 to $ 94,980

Our offer:

  • Diverse and interesting career outlook.
  • Comprehensive benefits program and pension plan.
  • Advantageous annual vacation policy
  • Easy access by public transport

** To apply, you must click on the “Apply” button and submit your application directly on the Government of Quebec’s online recruitment site.