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Immigration to Canada: All you need to know, step by step, away from false methods!

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Immigration to Canada has become a dream for many people, and Canada is considered one of the first countries to see.

That is why we have prepared for you this comprehensive report that explains the methods and conditions for immigration to Canada, through which you can achieve your desired dream.

First of all … Know the conditions for immigration to Canada!

Before any step, you can test your acceptance of immigration to Canada, through the “Come to Canada” tool – provided by the Ministry of Immigration there – by choosing the type of immigration you want, and if you are accepted, a code will be sent to you that you can keep; In order to include it in your profile upon request.

Your acceptance in this test does not mean that your application will actually be accepted, but rather it is a discretionary tool that does not take more than 15 minutes to use.

Immigration conditions are sponsored by relatives

You can live, study and work in Canada, if one of your relatives is a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident there, provided that he is over the age of 18, and as of April 18, 2017, the requirement to stay with the holder of the residence invitation for a period of two years to obtain permanent residency was canceled.

There are some conditions that must be met by the invitation holder, or the “sponsor” as it is called:

✅ If he is the husband, he must be at least 18 years old, and the marriage must be real and not just in order to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

✅ If you are caring for more than one child, whether your child or your partner’s child is under the age of 18, then a complete set of requests and documents must be submitted separately.

✅ You can go to Canada within the family category, if one of your children or grandchildren is a Canadian citizen, or has permanent residence, and is at least 18 years old.

✅ The invitation must be able to take care of his immigrant relative to Canada, in terms of providing for his basic needs of food, shelter and clothing.

If you want to work after immigrating to Canada, you must obtain a work permit first, and if your sponsor has not submitted the sponsorship request, he must submit the sponsorship application form, along with the permanent residence application form, and the work permit application form in one envelope, provided that it includes all the supporting documents , And proof of payment forms, and send the envelope to the CPC-M Case Processing Center in Mississauga, Ontario.

In the event that the residency application has been sent, and the initial approval has not been obtained, then you must send the open work permit application to the CPC-V Case Processing Center, in Figreville, Alberta, and do not omit the addition of all supporting documents and proof of payment.

If you have initial residency approval, you can submit your work application online from here. You can also submit the application on paper by sending it to the CPC-V Case Processing Center in Vigriville, Alberta.

If the file lacks some paperwork, it will be returned to you by mail to complete the required, but if it is complete, you will be notified by e-mail or a written letter that your application is being examined, and you will also provide your file number and sufficient information for the next step.

Immigration as a Skilled Factor – Express Entry

You can get additional points in the assessment of immigration to Canada if you have at least one sibling who lives in the country, whether he is a citizen or a permanent resident. You can also increase the points if you master French language skills.

After applying for permanent residence in Canada as a skilled immigrant, the Immigration Department determines whether or not you are suitable, and if you are suitable, you will be compared to the other applicants.

And you will know that your application has been accepted if you are one of the highest-rated candidates, then they will send you an invitation to submit an application for obtaining residency online, and there are several steps that you can follow to win that permanent residence:

✅ Before filling in the profile, you must prove your language skills by taking a multi-language test, and this is done in one of the agencies accredited by the Canadian Ministry of Immigration, and the test results must be entered in the personal file with complete private documents, and you can choose between some tests:

English: You must pass the “Celebp General” or “IELTS” test.

French: You need to pass the D’évaluation de Français exam, which includes writing and listening skills for expression and conversation in French.

✅ You must obtain an ECA educational accreditation evaluation if you have learned outside Canada, and you can learn about the five bodies responsible for issuing this assessment from here, and you can also be exempt from this requirement if you have a year of work experience in Canada, or your work depends on Manual skills, but your performance for this assessment increases your points through which you can increase the chance of immigration to Canada.

✅ Through some basic information that you enter online from here, you can know if you are eligible for this type of immigration or not in principle, and it will not take much of your time, and you will be provided with an identification code that you must keep.

✅ After entering this information, if you get a positive result, you will be contacted to fill out a profile for the express entry of skilled workers, and in this step you will need to add detailed information about education, work experiences, and members of your family who will immigrate with you.

✅ In order to complete the data, you also need a passport, language test results, the National Occupational Classification and its NOC code, which you can find out from here, a copy of the provincial nomination if you have one, as well as a copy of a written job offer from an employer in Canada if you already have one.

✅ Then create a profile for you for express entry immigration by opening a new account from here, and enter your identification code that you obtained before, and it is possible to save some information and complete it at a later time, but the period does not exceed 90 days, otherwise you will have to start over .

✅ After completing all the data, submit the profile online for an evaluation.

✅ If the file meets all the criteria for express entry immigration, you will be accepted among the candidates for immigration, and this does not mean that you have applied for permanent residency, but rather there is more information during that step that you will be invited to.

✅ In the event that you are among the candidates, you will be informed on your account that you created before, and the result is in the ordering system, and the higher your score, the greater the opportunity for you to be invited to apply for full residency, and the assessment is based on your skills, education, language abilities and practical experience, so you should renew your information in case You completed your education, or passed a new language test, or there was a change in your marital status, whether by marriage or divorce, or the birth of a new child, or one of your children is over 19 years old.

✅ If you receive an invitation to submit a permanent residence application, you must quickly submit the application within 90 days, provided that the application is supported by copies of all documents supporting your data, which you will send over the Internet, and the applications are reviewed within 6 months or less, and in the event that you did not receive an invitation to submit a residence application, And 12 months have passed since you entered the nominations, you can apply again as long as you fulfill the conditions.

Immigration to Quebec as worker

The Province of Quebec has special rules regarding the selection of those wishing to immigrate to Canada, and in order to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker you must submit an application to the Quebec government for a CSQ election certificate.

Once you get the certificate, you must submit your permanent residency application to IRCC.

✅ Now, you have several selected forms for skilled workers, and all you have to do is save them on your device from here, then fill in and save them, and finally print them after you make sure that all the data contained in them are correct, and print the barcode page that will appear after saving. After placing the date and signing the papers, send them to the following address with all papers to be ordered: Centralized Intake Office: Quebec Skilled Workers, P.O. Box 8888, Sydney, NS B1P 0C9, Canada. If you already have an account on the site, you can upload the file immediately after saving it.

✅ In this step, you have to pay the application fees from here, and after completing the payment process, a proof of payment will be sent to you via email.

✅ After that, the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration officer will verify that you have completed all the forms and signed them, and that you have paid all the fees, and in case you forgot something, the application will be returned to you again, and if the application is complete, they will contact you and inform you of the next steps.

After ensuring that the application has been completed with all documents and papers, the application is sent to one of the CIO visa offices.

✅ After submitting your application to the visa office, a letter will be sent explaining how to conduct the medical examination.

✅ You may be required to present police certificates, as those with a criminal record or anyone who poses a threat to Canada’s security are not permitted to enter the country.

✅ If your application is approved, you will be asked to send the passport to the visa office. In order to issue a permanent residence visa.

Visa program for establishing companies

The company establishment visa program in Canada targets immigrants with the skills and financial capabilities that allow them to establish business in Canada with the aim of creating job opportunities for Canadians and being able to compete globally, and it is better for the project idea to be innovative, and you will be able to obtain the support of an organization that agrees Supporting potential startups.

You will find a list of these companies here to contact them for support in obtaining an immigrant visa to Canada, and in order to start your startup there, follow these steps:

✅ We also clarified that before applying for the startup visa program, you must obtain the support of a startup support organization, and in the event that an organization accepts your support, it will give you a letter of support, and that letter must be included with your application in order to obtain approval.

✅ Five individuals at most can apply for the startup visa program for one business, provided that each of them retains at least 10% of the voting rights on the business, and the right of individuals and the supporting organization must exceed 50%, knowing that the right Voting within the company is related to everyone’s share of the pending deals.

✅ You must take a language test from an agency approved by the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Department, such as the University of Cambridge and the British Council, and include the result in the documents, provided that the test is recent and has not passed more than two years ago, and there are specific tests that you need to take, which are: (CELPIP-General) (CELPIP-G) which determines the General English Proficiency Index, IELTS General Training or TEF French Language Assessment.

✅ The Canadian government does not provide financial support to startup visa holders, so you should take enough money for you to support yourself and your dependents when you arrive in Canada. You will need proof that you have not borrowed money from anyone; For example, if you are one person, you will need 12,300 Canadian dollars, and if you are two people, you will need proof that you own 15,312 Canadian dollars.

✅ The next step is to fill out the set of forms present here on your personal computer, and make sure that all the information you enter is correct, and then click on Validate, if the data is complete, the barcode page will appear, at the end after completing all the forms, you can upload it online, or print it in order to send it on paper.

✅ Now is the time to pay the fees from here, and include the fee for examining your visa application, the right to permanent residence and, as usual, proof of payment will be emailed to you. . mail.

✅ You should now upload all forms, supporting documents and proof of payment, and send them to Centralized Intake Office –Start Up Business Class, ”BOX 8700, Sydney, NS B1P 0G2, Canada.”

Immigration as a self-employed individual

The Self-Employed Program seeks to bring in people who will be self-employed in Canada, and requires that they either have experience related to cultural activities or athletics, intend to make contributions to sports or cultural life in Canada, or have experience in farm management, and are able On buying and managing a farm in Canada.

Here are some works that are popular, all you have to do is select and submit the order:

‘’ But before you choose to work, continue reading the article ’’

Obtaining an employment contract to Canada:

Agriculture & outdoor activities

Cleaning & utilities


Installation, maintenance & Repair

Manufacturing & warehouse

Restaurants & Hospitality

Sports, Fitness & bathing

Take care & Animal

If you want to immigrate to Canada as a self-employed person, you must fulfill several conditions:

✅ Own work experience. Either you have participated in cultural activities or athletics on a global level, or you have experience managing a farm.

✅ You will be evaluated based on several criteria such as experience, education, age and language ability.

✅ You must be healthy and safe by passing a medical and police examination, and it also requires that you have the financial ability to support yourself and your family after arriving in Canada.

Refugee salaries in Canada:

The salaries differ from one province to the other and are also subject to the social status of the asylum seeker, so the monthly salary for a single person starts from 610 dollars. It must be understood that the refugee has the right to obtain his basic requirements of food and drink for free, apart from the specified salary.

Caregivers – permanent residency options

In order to apply for immigration to Canada through the Care for Persons with Special Medical Needs program, the forms must be filled out and follow the same payment steps, and in the end all forms and supporting papers must be sent to the following address: CPC Vegreville – Caring for Children, Permanent Residence Applications, 6212-55th Avenue – Unit 801, Vegreville, AB T9C 1W7, Canad.

You can apply for permanent residency in Canada based on your experience working as a caregiver for at least two years in one of the following options:

Childcare program: You can apply through the childcare category if you have provided full-time childcare – at least 3 hours per week – in a home in Canada for at least two years within 4 years of submitting the application, and the primary task of those working in that position is childcare and attention With their well-being, you may help them with homework, and as we are used to, you must pass one of the language tests described earlier, get a certified evaluation of your academic degree, and submit all of that while submitting the application.

Care for Persons with Special Medical Needs: You can apply through the High Medical Needs Care category if you have worked in Canada for at least two years as a licensed practical nurse, first aid nurse, or home care nurse.

The job description for your experience should appear from the following examples, and attach it to proof, otherwise your request will not be accepted. As for the language requirements, it does not differ from the previous job title, in addition to the evaluation of the academic degree.

In the case of childcare the address is: CPC Vegreville – Care for People with High Medical Needs, Applications for Permanent Residency, 6212-55th Avenue – Unit 803, Vegreville, AB T9C 1W7, Canada.

Immigration as a candidate for a county

Most provinces and territories in Canada can nominate immigrants through PNP, and immigrants must possess the skills and work experience in order to contribute to the economy of the territory or province. In every county or territory there are PNP immigration programs that target specific groups such as students, entrepreneurs, or skilled workers.

It should be noted that Quebec does not receive this type of PNP relay.

There are two ways to submit an immigration application:

Non-express entry: This is called a paper-based process, and you must meet the minimum requirements for non-express entry into the province or territory, and if the province finds you eligible and nominates you, the application must now be sent to the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Express Entry: It is online, and you must meet the minimum requirements for express entry into the province or territory, then the province will nominate you for this flow, you must create a fast entry profile that meets the minimum standards for this flow.

The criteria referred to above vary according to the province or region, and to know them, the region’s website must be constantly monitored, and here are the provinces, and you can log in through their websites to know the constantly changing conditions for each of them.

In both ways, immigration to Canada must pass through several stages:

✅ First: You must decide where you want to live and submit your application for a nomination.

✅ In the case of paper submission, go to the provincial or provincial website to find out how to obtain a nomination certificate, submit your application, and your application will be reviewed according to the county’s needs for immigration, and after reviewing your application if you meet the requirements, a nomination certificate will be issued, of which you must submit a copy When applying for permanent residency.

✅ If you are applying for Express Entry, you must create an account and Express Entry Profile, which includes a language test result and an approved evaluation of your academic degree, but submitting an Express Entry profile does not mean that you have applied for permanent residency.

✅ Second: After you are nominated by one of the provinces, you must submit an application for permanent residency to the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Department, and as part of these steps, you will have to pass a medical and police examination.

✅ For the paper submission, you will need to fill out the forms on your computer, validate them, and then print them out in full, including the barcode page that appears after validating the form.

✅ Next, you must pay the application processing fee and the right of residence fees if you are accepted to become a permanent resident, and send your application with the payment receipt and all forms to the Central Absorption Center in Sydney by regular mail: Immigration, Refugees and Canadian Citizenship, Regional Nomination Program, Central Receiving Office, Pour. 1450, Sydney, NS B1P 6K5, Canada.

✅ After fulfilling the conditions for the quick application, all applicants will be collected, and if you are among them, they will send you an email, but if you are nominated by a province or region, your points will increase and you have to renew data regularly.

✅ After you receive an invitation to apply, you can apply for permanent residence, after which you must contact the province or territory directly and give them your identification number and verification code.

Immigration to Quebec

Quebec is the largest Canadian province by area and is located in eastern Canada, and it has its own immigration laws. There the Minister of Immigration can limit the number of incoming applications so that he can process a few times more pending applications.

The number of applications to be accepted is determined in a specific period and is constantly changing. There are those who can submit their applications at any time, and those who have a job offer certified in French by the Minister, and the temporary resident also enjoys this advantage.

Any requests for information or documents relating to the Immigration File to Quebec must be submitted to the following address: Registration and Comparative Evaluation Department, Era of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion 285, rue Notre -Dame Ouest, 4th floor, Montreal (Quebec) H2Y 1T8, Canada.

The procedures followed to complete the migration vary depending on the reason:

◾ Immigration to Quebec to find permanent employment

◾ Immigration to Quebec to do business as a businessman

◾ Residency in Quebec for temporary work

◾ Stay in Quebec to study

◾ Taking care of a family member abroad