Medical technician

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By applying for this offer, you are applying for military work.

Medical technicians work in partnership with doctors and nurses to care for the sick and injured in all types of operations, in Canada and abroad. They also play an important role in the prevention of certain diseases that can affect the operational capacity of soldiers. This exchange is also available in the Reserve Force (part time).


  • Provide first aid to people
  • Provide basic intensive care for trauma victims
  • Prescribe certain drugs, depending on their field of activity
  • Provide medical support during military drills or operations
  • Remove victims from the scene of the accident and transport them to a medical facility by wheeled or tracked ambulance or by plane
  • Participate in the extraction of victims from damaged vehicles, tanks, ships, planes and buildings
  • Provide basic advice on disease prevention, hygiene and disinfection
  • Perform specific functions of environmental health and preventive medicine
  • Take samples and perform basic laboratory procedures
  • Use and maintain medical and resuscitation equipment
  • Record electrocardiograms and audiograms
  • Complete, maintain and disseminate medical records and documents, minutes and reports
  • Maintain and report adequate stocks of general supplies and medical supplies


In regular force we cannot guarantee your job, you may be called to work anywhere in Canada. Military personnel may be called upon to perform atypical hours.


  • Paramedic technician in primary care
  • Paramedic and first aid worker
  • Licensed Practice Nurse
  • Nursing assistant to the beneficiaries
  • Caregiver to the beneficiaries
  • Assistant beneficiary
  • Professional linked to primary health care
  • Support for health services personnel
  • Technical staff in therapy and diagnosis

** To apply, you must click on the “Apply” button and submit your application directly on the Government of Quebec’s online recruitment site.