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Product manager

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Competition: 99903
Title: Product Manager
Status: permanent
Duration: permanent
Location: Montreal
End of publication: 03/02/2021


  • In collaboration with ICT Governance, align technological and application strategies with business needs, as well as production and delivery capacity in their area of ​​expertise.
  • Provide ICT products according to the commitments of the ICT portfolio in order to meet the needs of the businesses with innovative products that generate maximum benefits and value for the businesses, at an optimal cost.
  • Apply the architectural principles and practices issued by the call for tenders for ICT governance and integrate security and data architectures into the technological products developed.
  • Ensure the development of products to meet business expectations.
  • Optimizing operating methods by favoring efficiency, productivity and quality of services.
  • Ensure the operation of the products under its responsibility, ensure their development and healthy maintenance.
  • Ensure a proactive business relationship with clients through a good understanding of their business issues and identification of their needs and priorities.


  • Plan the strategy for the realization of products, services and major ICT programs under its responsibility, identify problems and develop mitigation measures and integrate it into the portfolio of ICT projects.
  • Recommend technological projects in their area of ​​expertise to the VPTIC investment committee.
  • Apply and ensure the evolution of different ICT products according to directions of ICT governance, business needs and profitability.
  • Help maintain a vision of products and services, make product lifecycle decisions and define product acceptance criteria in line with ICT governance recommendations.
  • Influence and implement the integrated architecture of products that meet the business needs of the businesses and according to the orientations of ICT Governance.
  • Report to the various commercial bodies for which he is responsible.
  • Continuously supervise and in collaboration with the client the realization of progress reviews, evaluate the results and make the necessary corrections in order to meet the objectives and requirements of the programs under his responsibility.
  • Provide the businesses with integrated operational services corresponding to the business challenges and needs as well as the IT strategy of the business unit:
  • For all business processes:
  • Monitor to analyze new opportunities and benefits for the business with business process owners.
  • Develops the standards and procedures necessary to optimize activities related to the implementation of ICT products.
  • Coordinates the quarterly planning of ICT product deployment activities.
  • Participate in the negotiation and management of licenses related to the products concerned;
  • Manages the relationship with the various suppliers within the framework of the projects and programs for which he is responsible;
  • Manages the implementation of ICT products and programs for which he is responsible in agile mode.
  • Ensures the quality of deliverables, costs and deadlines.
  • Implements the processes and tools necessary to improve the quality and reduce the costs of ICT solutions.
  • Ensure optimal and safe use of the products developed.
  • * Manages the contribution of dedicated work teams and manages workflows to ensure the optimal contribution of resources, in collaboration with the Competency Manager.
  • Collaborates with the skills manager to assess the performance of employees involved in product delivery
  • for which he is responsible.
  • Ensures data integrity by developing and maintaining application controls.
  • Manage and prioritize the ICT investment portfolio according to established business priorities.
  • In collaboration with ICT Governance, implement the continuous improvement of agile practices.
  • Manages the budget for products and programs under his responsibility.


  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in information technology, administration or any combination of training and experience deemed equivalent.
  • Have nine (9) years or more of experience in the field of information technology.
  • In addition to mastering the skills expected of all employees:
  • Agile and results oriented
  • Team work
  • Customer focused
  • Commits to improving and innovating
  • The candidate will have to demonstrate the behaviors and skills allowing him to fully assume his role of ader:
  • Empowers its employees
  • Acts as a team leader
  • Aligns with important issues
  • Acts as a change leader
  • Have a knowledge of the French language appropriate to the position
  • Special conditions
  • Professional Project Management Certification – PMP
  • Mastery of agile concepts and management


Must have a Class 5 driver’s license.

The candidate will be subject to an administrative security check.

Diploma obtained outside Canada: We require the comparative evaluation of studies issued by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration. You must present the official document upon request.

** To apply, you must click on the “Apply” button and submit your application directly on the Government of Quebec’s online recruitment site.