Bad breath! bad experience!

Thousands of people around the globe have suffered from bad breath due to many reasons. Therefore, we notice a growing demand of products or cures that may help put an end to this unpleasant problem.

Before jumping to cures, let’s know the causes of this Halitosis.

The causes of Halitosis cannot be limited to one reason. However, we will try to shed light on the most causes of bad breath.

Poor dental health is considered as one of the main causes of bad breath because this leads to the accumulation of food crumbs in the mouth. If people do not brush their teeth on a daily basis, food particles will remain in the mouth causing bad breath. A sticky, colorless layer of bacteria (plaques) will be formed on the teeth. And in case people do not wash their teeth well, these plaques will inflame the gums and eventually lead to the formation of periodontal pockets.

Smoking is another reason for bad breath. It leads to a distinctive, unpleasant smell of the mouth. Smokers and chewers of tobacco are more likely to develop gum disease, which is another source of bad breath.

Nose, mouth and throat are other reasons behind bad breath. Bad breath can be sometimes caused by small tonsil stones. Chronic inflammation or infection in the nose, sinuses, or throat that leads to a postnasal drip can also lead to bad breath.

Let’s now know the cure of bad breath

The easiest way to have a healthy breath is brushing teeth regularly and keep this habit as an important routing in our daily life.

Visiting the dentist at least two times a year to clean the teeth is highly recommended to have a healthy teeth and fresh breath.

Avoid dry mouth. People should keep their mouth moist and drink plenty of water, but avoid tobacco which lead to dry mouth. People who have dry mouth can opt for chewing gum (preferably sugar free) to stimulate saliva.

Adjust your diet. People should avoid food like onions and garlic that can cause bad breath. Consuming food with high level of sugar can therefore lead to bad breath.

To conclude, if we take care of our teeth, we will have healthy ones and we will not need any cure. Otherwise we will suffer and make our beloved suffer.

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