Can we live without any food?

It is weird but we always have those strange ideas running through our minds. What will our life be like without food? Can we do without all those delicious meals and dishes that are spread out everywhere and at our fingertips? Can we continue our life in a normal way without introducing into our organisms any food?

Food is not only a pleasure to our senses; it is the nutrients that our bodies need to keep functioning in a normal way. When we start a period of fast, the response of our bodies differs from one person to another, the effects will generally be seen after 6 hours of fasting. Several studies and research conducted on people who have entered a period of starvation have deduced that the human body can go 7 to 21 days without eating or drinking.

Other research has shown that people of normal weight will lose significant muscle mass.

It may seem unreal, but our body is fascinating. Although, that does not mean that its functions will not deteriorate in an incredible way. Already we start to feel weakness due to the loss of energy that the body draws from glucose resources, hypotension, hypoglycemia that leads to fainting and dizziness, slowing of the heartbeat, dehydration that will also cause terrible migraines and other abdominal pain and a decrease in body temperature. The duration of the body’s resistance to this starvation necessarily depends on the percentage of fat that the body contains as well as water. The end of the starvation is always tragic the body will give up after a month, the brain cannot process any function and the heart will stop.

Starvation is not a game; the human body can withstand it for a few days but will eventually collapse. The return to introducing food to the body that has gone through a period of starvation must be done under very careful medical supervision, it must be re-familiarized with food and start with liquids that will be easy to digest and absorb.

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