How do pimples appear and what is their treatment?

Pimples or what is known as acne is one of the most common skin infections that many people suffer from, especially adolescents, because of the hormonal changes that characterize this stage, as the severity of the infection varies with its various forms.

Pimples are a very sensitive issue for many, and due to their frequent circulation and popularity, many questions regarding this topic are raised, for example, what is inside the pimple? Is it better to pop it? What do we do if a pimple appears on our body, how do we get rid of it without putting pressure on it? What are some types of pimples and methods of treatment?

In this article, we will continue to answer these questions, as for the first question.

What is inside the pimple?

It is necessary to know that there are small mental glands in the pores of the skin that secrete a special substance called sebum, which works to make the skin waterproof and moist, but unfortunately it is also a rich source of energy for some bacteria. And turning it into a suitable place for bacteria, and as soon as the body realizes this, it sends white blood cells to this area to get rid of all these bacteria, because of this changes appear on the skin such as redness and swelling.

What will we do if it appears on our body or face?

First, the pimple should not be popped because this may harm the skin more, and this is due to several reasons. When the pimple pops, the skin is torn, which leads to the entry of foreign bodies of bacteria on the hand inside it, which further complicates the matter and leads to infection.

How to get rid of the pimple without pressing it?

You can get rid of pimples using tea tree oil, because it is a very effective anti-bacterial that kills all bacteria inside the pimple. Onion is also effective in eliminating pimples, as it contains anti-bacterial. You can bring a thick piece of onion, put it on the skin, and leave it for ten minutes, which leads to drying the skin naturally.

Aspirin also works to remove pimples. We grind two or three aspirin tablets and mix them with some drops of water until they become a paste. It is placed over the pimple for ten minutes. This will also reduce the redness of the pimple and dry it.

As for the types of pimples, there are:

Blackheads, which appear due to blockage of pores due to dead body cells due to interaction with oxygen, the color of the pores becomes black and often appear on the nose, chin or cheeks. There are many natural ways to remove it, including:

Lemon juice where the face is washed, and take a teaspoon of lemon juice, the blackheads are wiped using cotton, then it is left for ten minutes to wash the face with cold water. You can also use green tea, where green tea bags are placed on the blackheads.

The white heads, which are formed as a result of the accumulation of bacteria, mental secretions and dead skin cells inside the pores, can be removed using aloe Vera leaf and lemon juice, where we extract the crescent of aloe Vera and add lemon juice to it and after mixing them, the face is massaged with the resulting mixture for ten minutes, then the body is cleaned.

Finally, if we suffer from a severe case of a large number of pimples, then we should visit a doctor who specializes in dermatology in order to examine the nature and characteristics of the skin in order to guide us to the effective medicine because the choice of treatment method depends on the severity of the infection and the different forms of these pimples

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