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How to dress and undress the baby

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Follow these step-by-step instructions to undress and undress your child.

Dressing and undressing your baby is a great time that you can spend engaging with each other face to face. Talking calmly to your baby can help keep him relaxed during this process. When dressing or undressing your child, always make sure:

Handle your child with care and kindness. Go slow and tell him what you’re doing. As you dress and take off your baby more often, it will become more comfortable and the process will go more smoothly.

Carefully remove the clothes. When removing any items of clothing, loosen them carefully. Take care not to turn your child or move too quickly to avoid overextending his arms or legs or placing him in any uncomfortable positions.

Choose the correct size for clothes. You don’t want to dress your baby too short or too tight. The neck of any shirt should be comfortable and the legs long enough to extend its legs.

Make sure your baby’s clothes are safe. If your child’s clothes have buttons or decorations, be sure to sew them tightly so that you cannot take them off.

Choose layers when dressing your little one. Layering newborns in clothes is a great way to make sure they feel warm and comfortable. Seams can be added or removed easily depending on the temperature and comfort level of your child. A good rule of thumb: Dress your baby in several layers as you dress, with another one on hand to add in case your baby gets a cold.

Place your child on a safe, flat surface. Apply a blanket to cushion the surface.

How to dress a child

  1. When putting a shirt on your child’s head, gather the whole shirt like an accordion up to the neck. Holding the neckline, place the shirt carefully on your child’s head and pull the shirt slowly over his body.
  2. Gather the sleeves up to the belt and put your child’s hand through the opening. Carefully tie the sleeve to the rest of her arm.
  3. When wearing pants, start at your child’s feet and work the costume onto his body.
  4. If you need to tie the back of the costume, run your child gently on his stomach or sit him with support.

How to take off a child’s clothes

  1. Start at your baby’s head, carefully jaw, and slide down over the body.
  2. Make sure your baby’s head and body are supported with one hand while lifting him to change the positioning of clothes. Remember to avoid twisting or rocking any of your baby’s limbs at any time.
  3. Carefully disassemble each snap and disassemble or rearrange the item so that it can be removed easily. For example, use your hands to gently remove the socks instead of pulling them off the feet.
  4. If you need to turn your baby on his side, make sure his body weight is supported.
  5. To get a suit or shirt from your little one, carefully lift him off the table and support his head and body. Slowly remove the sleeve, working down toward the wrist.