Ingrown Hairs & Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Written by adminHamza

Today we’re going to be talking about bikini laser treatment and ingrown hair, So what an ingrown hair?

Ingrown hairs are when a growing hair meets a blocked, Kim for and the growing hair turns back on itself, inside the hair follicle, and basically gets trapped. What happens is this often causes skin irritation and it manifests in lots of different ways with different clients. Some people get very red, itchy skin, a lot of people get very inflamed follicles as well.

So, it can even cause pass to come out of the follicles. You can imagine this affects a lot of Confidence. A lot of our male clients, get ingrown hairs as well, and it’s very often in those intimate areas.

Laser is the best solution for ingrown hairs as it fully removes. The entire root of each hair. So as each new hair, grows back there, nice and soft on the edge and no new irritation. A lot of clients will ask if it’s painful and in many cases people find that it’s completely manageable and that there’s no pain whatsoever and also in a lot of cases people do find that there’s an element of pain. I have to say it is definitely manageable pain and again in most cases, people find that it’s way less painful than waxing.

So if you’ve ever experienced a wax I would say it’s pretty painful and have one myself before and it’s not my enjoyable but with laser is Much more comfortable. It’s very, very quick as well. So, really the actual time that you’ll be doing the treatment for if there is an element of paint is so brief, you’ll actually be quite surprised by the time it’s finished. Also, we use cold out and the skin during your treatments, which makes it a lot more tolerable. So for a lot of potential clients, that might be wondering if we do treat all skin types, I can clarify that we do.

We’ve got two lasers that we use at full cyclonic. One is the ND YAG for darker skin types and in some cases from lighter skin types that have dark hair. And for also Caucasian skin types, we have the Alexandrite labor. Both, these lasers are built into the Candela gentle maxpro again, this is the best on the market.

At the moment. Very, very effective one of the most quick treatments and long-term one of the most permanent The idea with laser hair removal is that it is removing your hairs and we do the treatment from the root and then they take about two weeks to fall out your follicles. During this process, you’ll see that the hairs slowly shared are the follicles and you can exfoliate to help them come out.

If we’re talking a long time about how this treatment works and why it’s so good and effective. It’s because it hits a lot of your hairs, in what we call the anagen phase, which is when the hairs are actually actively growing. And this is when the results are more. Every time you do a treatment will hit a percentage of those hairs in that growth phase and then they won’t grow back. You do need follow-up, treatments. And this is a very crucial part to your achievements, being effective.