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Today, I’m going to talk about travel insurance. This Info is not to scare you into getting travel insurance or to promote a travel insurance agency. It is just to give you information on the types of travel insurance coverage and important information to know to help you. When you buy travel insurance, two reasons, many people don’t get travel insurance is because they believe that nothing will happen to them on their trip.

So they don’t want to spend the money on something, they probably won’t use the second reason, are they believe it’s expensive. Travel insurance is Affordable, but the price does increase due to the coverage plan. You choose the length of your trip, your age, any pre-existing medical condition, you may have, and the type of sporting activity. typically Plans cost between 5%-10% of your total trip cost.

Now, I’m going to list the types of insurance coverage that you can get:

–🔸 The first one is travel medical and dental insurance.
This covers injury or illness accidental, death, or dismemberment that occurs while traveling the rates increase by age length of stay pre-existing conditions in activities. It is important that you let the company know if you have any pre-existing conditions, for example, although many people have high blood pressure and you assume that it is something that will become And you didn’t disclose it. If you get hospitalized for high blood pressure-related problems, your insurance company may not pay. So, when getting travel medical insurance, tell them what your conditions are and get coverage that will cover it.

Most travel insurance cover, normal recreational activities, but they may not cover adventurous and extreme sporting activities. Let them know your activities to make sure it’s covered and very important to know that most plans do not cover incidents that occur from unlawful activities and any accidents that occurred while you were drunk or under the influence of drugs, a couple of important tips if you’re traveling to Europe and Canada, some of these places have free medical care for their residents as well as Visitors check if and how you’re covered in those countries and their restrictions and now some countries require proof of travel medical insurance.

Some are specifically required to include covid-19 coverage before you enter their country.

–🔸 The next one is trip cancellation. This protects you. When you have to cancel a reservation such as a flight hotel, Cruise Etc because of a medical condition illness loss of job. Work-related family issues or legal issues. It can Cover up to 100% of your trip. You can also add cancel for any reason. Car, this allows you to cancel reservations for reasons that are not covered under their plan. Under the CFA are, your refund will not be a hundred percent, it’s usually between 50 to 75% of your reservations important. Make sure, you know, how many days prior to your trip.

You have to cancel to receive reimbursement. If you cancel too late, you may get reimbursed also asked about canceling caused by the pandemic such as getting sick loss of income and if your destination cancels because of the pandemic, finally, if, you know, there is a possibility that you may have to cancel your trip. Get this protection.

–🔸 The third one is a trip delay. If you’re delayed by an airline or Cruise Company you will receive reimbursements such as hotel accommodations meals and transportation. That you spent because of the delay, make sure. Sure you keep your receipts

–🔸 Number four is trip Interruption it is when you have to end a trip early due to unforeseen circumstances of you, your traveling companion or a family member that is not traveling with you. It also covers immediate evacuation because of a natural disaster. Severe weather and civil unrest.

–🔸 Next is emergency evacuation and repatriation emergency evacuation is if you need to be evacuated from a cruise or a remote location and taken to the hospital, emergency repatriation is to be medically flown back to your home country, it also handles the transportation to return, a covered person remains to their home country.

–🔸 Number six is loss of personal belongings, This covers you if your luggage and personal possessions were lost stolen, or have damaged, this includes laws while on your trip not just at the airport, know that insurance companies may not reimburse you. If your items were unattended, how much you get, reimbursed?

Depends on your plan. Airlines cruise lines and travel companies reimburse up to a certain amount. If you have very valuable items, you may need to get a plan that covers them. Is the amount of your belongings.

So those are the main types of travel insurance coverages. Get a plan that has what you need and what you want. If you decide on getting travel insurance, get it soon after you book your trip, if you wait too long, the price may increase get quotes and information from multiple companies, until you find the one that is right for you. When you pick a plan, it is important to read and know exactly what the plan covers and what it excludes know your policy start date policies. Start when you sign up.

So if anything within the policy happened prior to your trip, you will be covered. Other important tips to know, make sure the coverage covers the country or countries. You are traveling to. For example, if your plan only has the Dominican Republic as your destination and you end up in Haiti and something happens in Haiti, your travel insurance plan may not cover you. Therefore, indicate the country or countries you are traveling to and include any possible Excursions.

You want your insurance company to have 24-hour assistance. You want to be able to talk to someone any day at any time. Don’t forget to take your insurance policy with you on your trip and again, keep receipts. Just in case you need to file for reimbursements.

Finally, although insurance companies will be very helpful in getting you insured with them. When it is time to file a claim, they may not be as diligent, especially if their reimbursement is high. They may try to find pitfalls to not pay their For read your plan, ask questions and make sure the answers are written on your plan. Do not go by verbal information. Everything the company tells you should be your writing.

I hope this information helped, Share it with your family or friends you know want to travel (: