What are the reasons behind cracked lips? How can they be treated?

Cold weather, dry air, sunlight, and wind often have an effect on our lips. Another factor that contributes to the dryness of our lips is our everyday routine, such as makeup, biting, kissing, friction against clothes, and contact with food.

Cracked lips are a common occurrence to most people. Consequently, a number of questions arise: What makes lips chapped? When should we consult a doctor? How can we treat cracked lips and are there ways to prevent them?

What makes lips chapped?

There are many factors that contribute to the dryness of the lips, among which we find what follows:

  • Some dental problems, such as sore tongue, teeth grinding;
  • An allergic reaction to a medication, for instance, steroids;
  • Frequently licking lips
  • Lack of mouth hygiene and eating disorders;
  • Fevered lips because of an infection or skin condition;
  • Burns because of eating hot food or exposure to the sun;
  • Dehydration that can cause giddiness, headache, and constipation;
  • Malnutrition that can result in teeth decay, stomach bloating, fragile bones and muscle fatigue.

When should we consult a doctor?

People who have cracked lips because of dental issues should consult a dentist, whereas others who suspect that they suffer from dehydration or malnutrition should consult a doctor immediately.

How can we treat cracked lips?

Establishing the source of cracked lips is mandatory. If you lick your lips constantly, you have to take drastic measures to stop yourself from doing so on a regular basis. If the weather is the cause, whether it is windy, dry or cold, then you should constantly use some balms in order to protect your lips.

Are there ways to prevent chapped lips?

Some products that people use to relieve the feeling of inconvenience of cracked lips are harmful. Here are a few examples: flavors like vanilla or mint, glosses that are glittery worsen the damage caused by the sun, irritation is also caused by colors.

Finally, it is compulsory to drink at least two to three liters of water a day so that your body can properly function. You should also frequently apply a flavorless balm to your lips so that they stay protected and humidified. Besides, you should include using sun cream in your everyday routine because it not only protects your skin from early aging or sunburn; it also reduces the effects of dryness.

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