What happens to you and the mosquito when it bites you

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Many people feel itchy and swollen when a mosquito bites them.
But few of us wonder why we are scratching ourselves and what happens while this insect is feeding on us, So OneGooal explains what happens to us before, during, and after a mosquito bite, and at the end. We’ll tell you what you need to do to eradicate and fight it.

Do you know why mosquitoes spit on the skin first?

In order not to feel the bite of a mosquito, it spits first in order to relieve the pain.
As studies showed in 2001, the mosquito needs 3 minutes to absorb blood and fill its stomach, and this is a long time, and this time it may feel some pain because the bite is painful, which means that the mosquito is fast.

We don’t feel a mosquito bite after it spits on us because its saliva contains a substance that numbs the skin after that, so they search and check several times on something that is feeding under the skin, such as a blood vessel.

Their saliva helps them and facilitates the absorption of blood

When a mosquito finds a vein, it releases its saliva again, which in turn contains more than 60 proteins that serve different purposes – one of which facilitates sucking by making the blood not clot.

Our body begins to heal after a vein is damaged. This has a high chance of preventing the insect from feeding on us.
But that didn’t defeat these cunning insects, and they found a way around it. Because mosquito sputum has a factor that affects this process and widens blood vessels, as studies confirm.

The cause of itching after a bite is our sensitivity to it.

We’ll blame saliva again. Itching, redness, and swelling are at different levels, caused by the bite that contains non-toxic proteins.

Your reactions to the first mosquito bites are more severe, if not more severe than if you were bitten continuously for two to 20 years in a row.
Female mosquitoes lay their eggs in autumn in still water. As a result, they don’t bite the people who are there. But if you move from there to a tropical location, the first bites can be difficult to handle.

Bonus: What can we do to reduce the bites?

According to the research, mosquitoes are attracted to us by our scent produced by the various microbes that live on our skin. This is why washing your feet with germicidal soap can prevent insect bites. It is also important to use a repellent. Aside from synthetic oils, you can use eucalyptus oil that has been shown to be effective against mosquito bites.

Are you one of those people who bite mosquitoes frequently or hardly ever?
Share with us the things you do to avoid being stung.