What is Travel Insurance?

Written by adminHamza

You’ve planned and saved for your vacation but sometimes things don’t go According to plan a medical emergency away from home. Can turn your dream vacation into a financial and emotional nightmare, but you can plan for the unexpected with travel insurance.

Travel insurance is designed to cover you from losses, arising from Sudden and unforeseeable circumstances, while traveling such as the need for medical. Mint in another Province or a foreign country including the cost of hospital Stays doctors, fees, lab tests, and ambulance services. It will also provide you with support when it comes to dealing with unfamiliar medical terminology and doctors who may speak a language You don’t understand plus, it can cover the cost of necessary, emergency air transportation to either return, you home for treatment in Your Country or if required to receive medical treatment at the nearest appropriate Medical Facility You may have travel insurance coverage for your workplace benefits plan, but be sure to check what is and isn’t covered.

You may want to top up your group coverage with additional travel insurance as most group plants don’t offer, such nonmedical coverage as trips. Cancellation trip, Interruption and protection for lost baggage and personal effects, comprehensive travel insurance can cover you for a single trip, or for an extended stay Protect you and your vacation investment.